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Passionate About The Sport

The fall season has ended and so has school. As for my fall results, I believe it went great! I won two medals at Head of the Hooch, PR’d my erg scores by a large number, and had fun even if I felt the workouts would kill me! I met great teammates whom will be great friends in the future. Winter season has begun, which I believe to be the hardest season of them all in rowing. On the bright side I’m able to go back to Chicago for a month and train with CTC, but before I left I was able to get a little taste of how collegiate winter season is suppose to feel. It is tough! Rowing is already a difficult sport but in winter we learn how to transition to spring sprint racing – and the discomfort that comes with max effort! The winter season is a brutal combination of heavy lifting and fast short pieces on the erg, so getting huge and fast is unavoidable.

If any senior in high school reads this, please take into consideration OCU. The best part about rowing at OCU is being able to see Olympians walk right in front of you and talk to you like any regular person. It is truly something unique about OCU and just makes the experience at OCU more interesting and fun. Being able to practice in a $10million boathouse is truly an honor as well as something that makes the experience much more fun. The OCU rowing team gets the work done and has fun while doing it. Being a freshman on this team makes me want to continue rowing. There isn’t one day that passes were I don’t talk about rowing, watch rowing, or think about rowing. Rowing has taken over my life and I plan on letting see where it takes me. Hopefully to the Olympics, as this is where every person who is passionate about the sport dreams about.

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