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Some Life Choices

Coming back to school for the spring semester feels just like going to school for the fall semester; after a whole month of break I need to transition back into college all over again, though it was a lot easier to do this time around. I decided over break to take the route to become a dentist and also major in communications. I came into school not really knowing what I wanted to do, but know I think I want to stick to the dentistry route. Other than that, my classes are harder but I still expect to get good grades.

On the topic of rowing, I am not preforming as well as I would want to, and I should have been training a lot harder during winter break. An entire month without proper training did not do me well at all –I could have made better use of training with my old team at CTC. On top of that I’ve been having minor back pain that has stopped me from practicing for a few days. But now I’m back at it and plan on training long and hard to be ready for CIRC and, more importantly, getting back on the water.

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