Our Mission

Chicago Training Center, using the sport of competitive rowing, creates opportunities for underserved Chicago youth to challenge themselves to achieve their athletic and academic potential. The CTC’s nurturing environment motivates students to become physically fit, to build teamwork, self-esteem and leadership skills, as well as develop and advance their educational and life goals.

CTC Core Values

Embraces the ideals of Sportsmanship and all the necessary components of athletic activity – teamwork, fitness, discipline, leadership skills, the building of self esteem, and competition.
Expands Horizons using a personal mentoring system, involves Chicago youth in networking opportunities, and inspires all participants to achieve academically and athletically.
Encourages Community Responsibility by developing and using each member’s leadership skills in a way to be a positive influence and role model within their community, in an effort to enact positive change for future generations.

The CTC Vision

The Chicago Training Center (CTC) strives to become a Chicago Institution for underserved youth. Through the competitive sport of rowing, the Chicago Training Center will develop leadership skills and provide opportunities for more at-risk youth to become physically fit. By providing supplemental health education and tutoring programs, the CTC will continue to help our teenage participants improve personal nutrition and reach their academic potential.

The CTC will continue to achieve sustainable growth by leveraging strong relationships with employees and volunteers, maximizing the resources of the City of Chicago, and engaging community members to play an active role in our work and development. Founded on the core values of Sportsmanship, Expanding Horizons, and Community Responsibility, the CTC aims to become a pre-eminent after-school youth outreach model that can be replicated in other urban communities across the United States.

How Can I Join?
Download a full applicant packet to see what information we request.