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Chicago Training Center Glossary
Coxswain The commander in a sweep rowing boat who directs the rowing members of the crew members. The coxswain faces in the direction of motion and operates the rudder to steer the shell. The coxswain's direction is important as the rowing members of the crew face away from the direction of motion. The coxswain also sets the pace of the crew.
Crew The term applied to the sport of rowing (e.g. ' I crew'; not: 'I row').  It is also the term used to describe the team or group of persons rowing in a multi-person boat.
Erg / Ergometer The indoor rowing machine which simulates the action of sweep rowing. CTC ergs are wind turbines with adjustable force settings and onboard computers which can be networked for competition or boat simulation locally or globally over the internet.
Sculling Rowing where each person rows with two oars (one in each hand) simultaneously. Oars work both the port and starboard sides of the boat using leverage from the rigging and the motion of the rower's seat.
Shell Describes the boats that people row.  Each type of boat has its own title: sculling boats are called "singles", "doubles", "quads", and occasionally "octuples" (for 1, 2, 4, or 8 scullers), while sweep boats are called "pairs", "fours", and "eights" (for 2, 4, or 8 rowers).  Sweep boats may or may not have coxswains (eights always do). Sculling boats generally do not accommodate a coxswain.
Sweep Rowing Rowing where each person rows with one oar (held in both hands), on either the port side or starboard side.
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