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How CTC Uses Information We Gather
Chicago Training Center (CTC) and chicagotrainingcenter.org do not share or disclose confidential membership information beyond the requirements of our operation: which may include contacting members directly regarding safety, security and operational notices and requests for information.

We provide contributors and benefactors the option to allow us to share contact information for the benefit of like minded causes. We may share such information with the commercial establishments providing us service in the normal course of executing or resolving day-to-day business activity such as depositing payments.

CTC and chicagotrainingcenter.org do not store cookies or other tracking information on members’ computers beyond session-specific information used to enhance your use of our web site – such information is discarded after each use.

We do not condone or support pop-up advertisements.

This privacy policy is subject to change at CTC’s discretion at any time.


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