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University of Chicago Collegiate Scrimmage, April 10th, 2010

CTC 2009 Gala, November 13th.

Congratulations to CTC's Charielle McMullan (left) and Abigail Avila (right) on Acceptance to Phillips Exeter
CTC founding members, Charielle McMullan and Abigail Avila have been accepted to a post-graduate year at the prestigous Philips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire. Read about their success and CTC in the recent Chicago Sun Times article. more

CTC Mission
Chicago Training Center, using the sport of competitive rowing, creates opportunities for underserved Chicago youth to challenge themselves to achieve their athletic and academic potential. The CTC's nurturing environment motivates students to become physically fit, to build teamwork, self-esteem and leadership skills, as well as develop and advance their educational and life goals.

The Chicago Training Center’s goal is to establish a competitive rowing organization that will provide youth and their community with opportunities and experiences that will enhance their daily lives. CTC will, in a non-confrontational setting, promote personal growth through teamwork, discipline, physical fitness, and educational excellence. CTC works with the local community to provide the needed access and resources to support our goal of positively impacting families. more

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